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Frequently Asked Questions



What types of payment are accepted ?

Like many eCommerce websites, we are using Stripe as payment Gateway to provide you a super secure and intuitive check-out process.  We support all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard...) and others local payment methods (from Alipay to Google or Apple Pay...), as well as 135+ currencies.


Also, because it will have non-sens to promote cryptocurrencies without accepting them, we are using Coinbase Commerce in order to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin.

To be totally transparent with you, each time a payment is processed with Stripe, we pay a fee of 1.4% + 0.25€. We do not pay any fee with Coinbase Commerce.





Do you ship Worldwide ?

Yes of course. All our products are print and send from France to any countries in the world. Globalization is pretty convenient. :) 


Is there any Free Shipping ?

Unlike lots of others shops online, we do not offer free shipping on our products. The reason is simple, we prefer to be transparent with you by telling you the real price of our products + shipping  instead of "offering free shipping" by hiding the fees in the product's price.

However, we might share some PROMO CODES to offer you free shipping sometimes so follow us on Facebook and Instagram ;)


So how much is shipping ?


Because we dont have the volume of Amazon or Alibaba, shipping has a cost for us but we decide to smooth the delivery rates no matter the number of products you have. We let you the choice to pay a little bit more for having a tracking or not.

So you will have to pay 4 € for Europe and 5 € for the rest of the World.


How long is the delivery time ?

We will take care of your command as soon as possible we promise, but if you are in the US or Asia, you will need to hodl a bit. For France shipping will be around 3 days, 3 to 7 days  for European countries and maximum 10 days for the rest of the World. 



All the sizes shown on our website are the EU SIZES.

If you are in the US, you might need to select 1 size above. For example, if you wear M in the US, select L for your order here.

Because of the distance and the delivery costs, we can not exchange the product if you selected the wrong size. We know that it could be tricky and we are doing our best to inform you that the sizes shown on our website are the EU sizes.


Can I cancel my order and get a refund ?

If you change your mind after purchasing a product on our store, you can cancel your order and get a full refund but only before we start processing the order. It means that you have to be faster than us ! Send us an email as quickly as possible to contact@subtlcoin.com or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.


The product that I received is different that the one I ordered...

We do our best to never have those kind of mistakes but if it happens, please contact us at contact@subtlcoin.com and we will manage the problem for you.


The size of the product is not the one I ordered...

If you the EU size of the product is not the one that you ordered, please contact us at contact@subtlcoin.com and we will manage the problem for you.

Again, all the sizes shown on our website are the EU SIZES and we won't adapt the order based on your location. Please check well that you've selected the right size before completed your purchase.


I don't like the product that I received, can I return it ?

We are very sorry to hear that and we will be thankful if you can share to us the reasons but unfortunately you will have to keep the product as we can't get it back. (Let's be positive, that could be an opportunity to have a gift for the next Christmas!). However, we've selected the best product and work very hard on the design so you will not be disappointed !